What is Kombucha?

Kombucha is an ancient longevity elixir consumed for thousands of years all over the planet. It is defined as a fermented health beverage made from a nutrient solution of tea and sugar to which a starter culture known as a SCOBY (Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria + Yeast) is added.

Tell me more about Bad Booch

Bad Booch is made with organic ingredients and is gluten free, vegan alcoholic beverage at 6% ABV with the added functionality of live probiotics. Live probiotics possess numerous health benefits (improved gut health, powerful dose of antioxidants, natural adaptogen, rich in vitamins).

I want to know more about your brewing process

Bad Booch starts out as regular kombucha. Using a blend of different organic teas with organic cane sugar, we add the SCOBY and allow ancient kombucha magic (fermentation) to occur. After the first fermentation, we do a second fermentation. After a little more time, we add the delicious ingredients to produce our desired flavor profile!

Do I have to be 21+ to order Bad Booch?

Yes. You will be ID’d when the delivery is made.

Do I have to be present to accept my delivery?

Someone who is at least 21 years old must be available to receive a shipment. Please note that due to the current health concerns, we can verify IDs through glass windows or via a comfortable social distancing method.

How much Bad Booch can I order?

The sky is the limit.